NQLD Data Recovery Pty Ltd

Data recovery and cyber security is a passion of mine. I recover data from most devices including Hard drives, USB hard drives, SSD drives, USB Flash drives, Mobile phones, DVR - Security cameras, in a nut shell I recover data from any device that can store data. For me it's all about the pleasure of solving complex technical problems. I like jobs where somebody has said its impossible.

Impossible is not a fact is a opinion!

I have done data recovery for 30 years and have access to all the best recovery tools from all over the world, Deepspar, DFL, Ace Labs, PC-3000 to mention a few. I have over the years built my own data recovery tools and procedures only available in-house. I am based in Townsville - Queensland but most of my jobs are posted to me from all over Australia and even overseas. Facilities I have include clean rooms and different Solder stations. I can also perform chip-off data recovery, this is when you remove the memory chip from any device and read the memory chip in external PC. This works great for USB flash drives that have been smashed or broken off or devices that has been dropped in water. It's expensive to keep all the latest data recovery tools so I do charge for my services. I don't charge anything to assess hard drives and USB drives but you will have to pay postage here and back. I often get jobs sent to me for a 2nd opinion, for me it's much harder to work on a device somebody else have already had go on fixing but failed, generally this type of jobs cost more. If you are in need of data recovery - send me an email and explain what has happened and what data is most important to recover. Previous clients include students, home users, small and large business, health care, education and QLD government departments. Other services include forensic reports of usage of mobile phones and workstations often used in legal / insurance proceedings. Assisting in recovering from events like outages, virus and cyber-attacks.

I run a blog on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/DatarecoveryNQLD/

If you have any qustions or have a broken device that you like to recover data from please email DataRecovery@nqld.net.au