What we fix

We recover data from computers, portable hard disks, mobile phones and many other devices

We work on a variety of devices

  • HDD - traditional hard disks
  • SSD - Solid State Drives
  • External/portable USB hard drives
  • USB flash memory
  • CF - Compact Flash cards
  • SD and other memory cards
  • Windows and Apple desktop computers
  • NAS - Network Attached Storage systems
  • DVR - Digital Video Recorders
  • DVDs and CDs
  • Multimedia Centres
  • Dash cams & GPS navigators
  • Tape formats: LTO, DAT, DDS, AIT, DLT-S, QIC, ZIP, Tracker
  • Embedded device backup tapes
  • Tablets - iPad & Android
  • Laptop computers
  • Mobile phones (including iPhone and Samsung)
  • Single drive and multi drive setups - RAID and tape drives.

We can recover from all major brands

And whole a lot more

We deal with logical & physical problems

Send in a job

When assessing if data is retrievable from a device we operate mostly on a no-fix-no-charge policy, with free quotes. In some cases a device may need to be partially repaired before we can assess if the data is retrievable, when this occurs there may be a fee applied. All fees will be communicated and agreed upon before any work commences.

The final cost of a recovery job will depend on many factors. These factors could include: the amount of time spent recovering data; the amount of time your device spent in our image extraction machines; the cost of spare parts required to recover data; the type of device; and the urgency of a job. A small job may cost around $100, while a typical HDD with a physical problem could range in cost from $300 to $700.